Sunday, May 8, 2011

Oh, Baby Boy! (Six Months Preggos)

I am almost exactly 25 weeks preggos.  Caden decided to surprise us three weeks early, so I keep wondering if this little guy will too. If so, our little guy could be joining our family in 12 short weeks. I am just trying to get through the end of the school year, then I will work on preparing for our little guy. . .I think we need to start with his name!   

He is definitely growing!
Believe it or not, I am smaller than I was with Caden. . .so far.


  1. Meredith you look fantastic! Happy Mother's Day, a couple days late. :)
    I recently saw the name Arlo and thought that was a cute name. I'm sure whatever you end up choosing will be perfect!

  2. Thank you, Dannika! Happy Mother's Day to you too! We have two names picked out but can't decide : ).

  3. Congrats on another little boy! I saw you at graduation last night and so wanted to introduce myself but in the heat wave and chaos I lost track of you! :)