Thursday, January 17, 2013

Boys 'n' Cars

Caden: "Mom, how do you make the car go anyway?"
Me: Laughing out loud, "I'll show you when you're older."

Lately, Caden loves to pretend to drive.

"No hands!"

Checking himself out in the mirror

Boys having fun

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Life Written Down Lives On

I thought I was going to begin 2013 with a new blog; Blogger would not let me upload anymore photos because it said I had exhausted my photo storage--how could I have a blog without photos?! Luckily, while mentioning this to a friend, she told me that I could upload photos to my blog if I uploaded them to Photobucket first. It worked--Life Written Down survived 2012!

Christmas Break came and went. We had a busy but fun Christmas Break as a family. My favorite part of Christmas this year was watching the cousins play together.
Carter & Brody keeping an eye on the neighbors

The cousins playing a serious game of Chinese checkers

Caden & Juliet cuddling