Friday, December 31, 2010

Toys R Us Delivers a Train Set!

For the past month, Caden has been begging asking us for a train and tracks for Christmas.  While I was at work, he would beg ask Daddy to go play trains at Toys R Us.  Every day when I got home from work, a sweet little voice would plead, "Trains? Toys R Us?!" Because Caden is so cute convincing, we spent many December afternoons "playing trains" at Toys R Us.

On December 25th, Caden's wish came true.  Santa Toys R Us (according to Caden because he is afraid of Santa) brought him his very own train set for Christmas.

We had a wonderful time on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day spending time with both of our families, and Caden has been busy playing with his new train set ever since!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Memory Lane

Baby Boy,

I can not believe how fast you are growing up on us! This year, we will be celebrating our 3rd Christmas with you.  God has truly blessed us with a funny, smart, and handsome little man!

We love you!

Mommy & Daddy

1st, 2nd, & 3rd Christmas

Friday, December 10, 2010

The Nativity (according to a two-year-old)

The other night, Caden was playing with his Fisher Price Nativity set. He was mumbling something about "Buzz, Baby Jesus, and a manger."

I can not wait for Christmas break to play with my little man! (Five more work days to go!)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

"These are a few of my favorite (Christmas) things. . ."

Every year, I love to watch Oprah's "Favorite Things" episode.  Sycamore 320 is doing something similar.  However, what I love about the favorite things on Sycamore 320's blog is that most of the items are affordable, unlike on Oprah's "Favorite Things" episode.

The following are a few of my favorite Christmas things:

1) My new Canon 60D tops my list.  It is so worth having a good camera to capture holiday memories.

2) Each year, I buy a Bed Bath & Beyond Yankee Christmas Cookie Candle.  I have yet to find another candle that I like better.  It is a little expensive for a candle, but I always use one of Bed Bath & Beyond's coupons--I LOVE their coupons! 

3) Last year, I decided that our Christmas decorations needed to be re-organized.  I LOVE Snapware and I LOVE their Christmas ornament organizer.  I bought this at Bed Bath & Beyond for around $15.00 (after the coupon of course!) and I LOVE it.  Look how organized my ornaments look!

4) It is difficult for me to find Christmas music that I actually enjoy.  In my opinion, you can't go wrong with a Mariah Carey Christmas CD.

5) I am not a huge coffee drinker, but around the holidays I LOVE Starbucks' and Dutch Brothers' peppermint lattes.  Every once in awhile, I splurge on a coffee, but I have fallen in love with Coffeemate's Peppermint Mocha creamer.  It allows me to have a peppermint mocha latte without breaking the bank.

Stop by Sycamore 320's blog if you want to see other bloggers' favorite things.  

Shutterfly Shout Out!

Just this week, I remembered that I needed to add Christmas photo cards to my Christmas budget.  Well, not anymore! Shutterfly is offering bloggers who blog about their products 50 FREE Christmas photo cards.  I have never ordered anything from Shutterfly, so it was fun browsing through their website.  My favorite Christmas cards to send are the flat Christmas photo cards.  Shutterfly has a good selection of flat Christmas photo cards to choose from.

Now, all I need is for Caden to cooperate when I am trying to take a photo for our Christmas cards.  I tried to take photos of him last week, but he was NOT in the Christmas spirit!

The following photo is a photo that did NOT make the cut last year. . .I wonder why?! He has such a sense of humor!

Are you a blogger? If so, head over to Shutterfly and sign up for your free Christmas cards--It is hard to beat FREE!

Caden's 2nd Christmas

Snow Day Fun

Today, was the first snow of the season.  Surprisingly, Caden LOVED the snow! He had the most fun chasing Sasha.  She LOVED the snow, too! We didn't stay outside for very long because both of us have been fighting the sniffles.  My school district has already canceled school for tomorrow, so I will be at home enjoying a six day weekend with my family!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Another Version of "Jesus Loves Me"?

Today, Caden was singing a version of "Jesus Loves Me" in the backseat that I have never heard before. . .

"Dinosaurs are scary
This I know
For the Bible tells me so. . ."

I think he's been hanging around his "Uncas" too much!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Engagement Photo Session: Kelsey & Mark

Last weekend, I had the opportunity to photograph my friend, Kelsey, and her fiance', Mark.  They were such a fun couple to photograph.  I told them that I would edit 30-50 photos for them, however, I ended up editing 120 because there were so many good photos.  I wish them the best!

Here are a few of my favorite photos from the shoot:

Thursday, November 4, 2010

From the Mouth of a Two-Year-Old

In the car. . .

Mommy:  "Can you please turn Elmo off while we're in the car? He's kind of loud."

Caden:  "No! Good heavens!

Photo of the Week: Wide Angle Lens

Recently, I purchased a wide angle lens for super cheap on Amazon.  It arrived today!!!! (Yes, that deserves four exclamation marks.) Caden begged me to go to the park today, so I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to try out my new lens.  It is going to take some getting used to as you have to be much closer to the subject than with a normal lens.  So close that toddler fingers can touch it. . .eek! Here are a few photos I took. . .like I said before, it is going to take some getting used to. . .

Monday, October 25, 2010

Through Mommy's Eyes: Letter #5 ("My Wish")

Dear Caden,

Every time Mommy hears "My Wish" by Rascal Flatts, she thinks of you.

Love you baby boy!


Sunday, October 24, 2010

Milestones: The Frog Potty

Today was a BIG day at the Work home! When I got Caden out of his crib this morning, he asked to use the "frog potty." He asked me to read him a book and then told me he needed privacy.  When he was finished, he came out of the bathroom and cheered, "Yay! I did it!" I cheered with him, but we always cheer when he tries (he has been trying for a couple of months now with no success).  Later, when I was getting ready for church, I noticed that he really did go.  I called Caden and Daddy into the bathroom and we clapped and cheered louder than we ever have before.  He was so proud of himself.  I was planning on waiting until Christmas Break to potty train him, but as always, I think he has a different plan. . .

(P.S. This photo was taken before I knew how to adjust the white balance on my camera. . .or even what that meant. . .so forgive the "yellowness"!)

It always helps to have a good book. . . 


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Photo of the Week: The Infamous Dinosaur Rain Boots

I know this photo is included in the pumpkin patch collage, but I would like to critique it individually.  I have many photos of Caden's new dinosaur rain boots that he will not take off, but I chose this photo because I LOVE the bokeh at the top of the photo.  I also like the narrow depth, colors, and that his feet are crossed--so cute! I am sure I will have many more photos of his rain boots before summer arrives.  As always, critiques are welcomed and encouraged.

 A Boy and His Rain Boots

Mommy and Son Outings: Pumpkin Patch

Caden loved the pumpkin patch so much the first time that I decided to take him again today after I got off of work.  He is getting to be so much fun to take places.  We inspected the pumpkins, fed the goats, and ate a bowl of ice cream.  Caden loves to find rotten pumpkins and say, "Eww, sick!" He also loves to hunt for albino pumpkins.  I love our Mommy and Son Outings and will be sad when he is "too cool" to hang out with Mommy.

Pumpkin Patch 2010

Monday, October 18, 2010

Through Mommy's Eyes: Letter #4

Dear Caden,

You turned "2" this summer and are growing up so fast.  You are throwing less tantrums, which makes Daddy and Mommy extremely happy.  Most tantrums revolve around us doing something for you that you want to do yourself--you are very independent.  Here are a few things that I want to remember about you at this age:

1. You are just under 36 inches tall (95th percentile) and weigh 35 pounds (75th percentile).

2. You are no longer wanting to take naps.  Daddy and Mommy are not happy about this; you wear us out!

3. I love that you still call blankets "kikis."

4. You know all of your letters.

5. You know all of the basic shapes and more advanced shapes such as trapezoids, octagons, arcs, etc. (The librarian gave you a book about shapes and you learned them all in less than two days!)

6. Most of the time, it is extremely easy to understand you.  You are putting new sentences together every day.

7. You LOVE your new dinosaur rain boots and want to wear them all of the time.  I will take a photo of you wearing them soon.

8. You LOVE dinosaurs.  You read dinosaur books, play dinosaur games, etc.

9. You roll your eyes at us! (We have to try so hard not to laugh because it is SO funny!)

10. You tell Daddy and Mommy every day, "I love you!"

We are enjoying watching you grow.  You are learning so many new things.  Currently, we are working on your first 25 sight words.  You will have them memorized in no time.  I wish I had your energy; it is so hard to keep up with you!

You are so loved.



Revisiting Film

Monday, October 11, 2010

Pumpkin Art

Caden has really been into art lately.  He drew the pumpkin on the left all by himself.  I think it's a pretty good pumpkin for a two-year-old, but I may be biased.  He also decorated the pumpkins on the right all by himself, except Grandma had to help him write his name. 

Friday, September 24, 2010

From the Mouth of a Two-Year-Old

Caden:  "Outside?"
Mommy:  "We can't go outside now because it's raining."
Caden:  "I need sunshine!"

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Our Little Artist

Our little artist is constantly coloring, painting, putting stickers on paper, playing with Play-Doh, etc.  Today, while I was at work, he went to his second art class with Daddy.  Though I am sad that I am not able to take him to art class, I am so glad that he is able to go and that Daddy is willing to take him.  I will post his art as soon as he is able to bring it home.

Painting suncatchers

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Photo of the Week: Child Labor

As I mentioned before, Caden loves to scrub his new playhouse.  I don't really have a lot to say about this photo except that I love it in black and white.  If you haven't noticed, I love photos of hands and feet. . .especially little hands and feet.  As always, critiques are welcomed and encouraged. 

From the Mouth of a Two-Year-Old

After spending the whole summer with Caden, it has been difficult going back to work and leaving him every day.  Especially when he says things like this when I get home. . .

"(L)ove you so much!" and "Miss you!"

However, a benefit of going back to work is that he lets me snuggle him now when I am home (when it is his idea of course).

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Moving Day: Caden's New Playhouse

One of Caden's older friends was kind enough to give him a playhouse that he had outgrown.  So far, Caden enjoys scrubbing his playhouse and climbing out the windows. . .he should be a fun teenager!

Mr. Independent

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Photo of the Week: Caden Cree Photography

I am changing "Photo Friday" to "Photo of the Week" since I can never remember to upload a photo on Friday.  This week, I am cheating a little bit.  When I am taking photos, Caden loves to take photos also.  This is a photo Caden took.  I helped him edit it and will help him edit more photos soon.  As always, critiques are welcomed and encouraged.  (But remember, he is only "2"!)

I love the narrow depth, textures, lines, and earthy colors.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Garage Sale Finds: Part Four

I am going to miss summer garage sales! The following are a few of my latest finds:

Like Father, Like Son

A few weeks ago, Caden asked to play Mario.  Like father, like son. . .

Photo Friday: Family Portraits

Our friend and photographer, Jeremy Mabe (, was kind enough to trade family photos with us this summer.  The following photos are a few of my favorite photos I took of his family.  Critiques are always welcomed and encouraged.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Photo Friday: Young Love

Last weekend, my brother and his girlfriend were kind enough to be models for me.  Here are a few of my favorite photos from their photo shoot.  As always, critiques are welcomed and encouraged. 

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Products I Miss

If I like a product, it is almost a guarantee that it won't be around for long.  Here are just a few examples:

I have always loved Vegetable Thins, especially covered in Easy Cheese.  When we were on our anniversary trip, I bought a box of Vegetable Thins and the box promised a new improved recipe.  Nabisco, I don't like the new recipe and I don't like that the crackers are no longer shaped like vegetables.  I refuse to buy another box of Vegetable Thins until they bring the old recipe back. . .wishful thinking, I know.

I can't even find a photo of my favorite shampoo that disappeared off the face of the earth.  I LOVED the smell of VO5 Fruit Sensations, but it no longer exists. . .

Revlon, Before you discontinue a lipstick shade, you should make sure that no one is using it.  I used Revlon Raisin Colorstay lipstick for years and then they discontinued it.  I have yet to find a lipstick shade that I like as much.

I'm not 100% sure, but I can't find my Reese's Bites anywhere?! Have these too been discontinued? I sure hope not.  They might be the most missed item on my list.  

Do products you like disappear too, or is it just me?

Sunday, August 15, 2010

My Happy List #2

1) My Dad's double hip replacement surgery went well; now we are praying for a fast recovery.
2) I. Am. Not. Ready. For. Summer. To. Be. Over.  HOWEVER, I am SO thankful to have a job to return to, especially in this economy.
3) Speaking of school. . .I am loving Staples' one cent sales; thus far, I have stocked up on pencils, folders, and paper.  I thought I was going to stock up on spiral notebooks today, but they only had wide ruled--I'm going to try the other Staples tomorrow.
4) Lastly (for my list anyway. . .I have so many other things to be thankful for), I'm excited that Colby and I have begun a "date night." He said he doesn't want to call it "date night" because "that's nerdy" (but that's what it is!).   

Photo Friday: Falling Behind

How do I keep falling behind on Photo Friday during the summer?! Maybe it's because I never know what day it is. . .

Awhile ago, I posted some photos I took of a friend's daughter for her modeling contest.  This is one of the photos I did not post.  I chose not to post this photo before because there are so many things about this photo I wish I could fix without it looking over Photoshopped:  blown out highlights, the shadow across her forehead, the shadow on her right eye, and a sharper focus on her eyes.  Even though there are many things that bother me about this photo, there are many things that I love about this photo:  her colorful clothing and accessories, the daisy, pollen, and grass in the foreground, and most of all her carefree pose.  As always, critiques are welcomed and encouraged.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Bye Bye "Fafa"!

Since "someone" began teething, he has been extremely attached to his "fafa." Before bedtime, we would have to find three "fafas":  one for his mouth and one for each hand.  About a month ago, we began talking about giving his "fafas" to the babies.  About a week ago, I noticed he went to bed WITHOUT his fafa. . .or two. . .or three! He has been "fafa-free" for one week now.  He asked me for a fafa a couple of days ago and I told him they were all gone.  He asked, "Babies?" I said, "Yes, we gave them to the babies." He asked, "Mailman?" I said, "Yes, we gave them to the mailman to give to the babies." My baby is not a baby anymore (sniffle).

Caden and "Fafa"

Vaccinations: A Mommy's Intuition

Recently, according to the Register Guard (, almost 20,000 of PeaceHealth Medical Group's patients may have been administered vaccinations that were not stored properly.  Caden was one of these patients.  Caden's nurse insisted that we re-vaccinate him.  I expressed my concern about re-vaccinating him to his doctor and he gave us another option; he said we could have Caden's blood drawn to do an antibody titer.  This way, we could see if he actually needed to be re-vaccinated or not.  He admitted that this was not being encouraged because it costs more than just re-vaccinating everyone.  Even though we were told that nothing would happen to Caden if he was re-vaccinated, we chose to have his blood drawn.  It broke our hearts to hold him down so he could have his blood drawn, but we saved him from receiving unnecessary vaccinations; Caden's blood results revealed that he did not need to be re-vaccinated.  Even though PeaceHealth Medical Group claims that nothing will happen from re-vaccinating children, they need to make parents aware of the alternative option considering all of the controversy surrounding vaccinations-even if it will cost them more.  Our children are priceless.

Caden sitting in his new chair that matches Mommy's new sectional!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Voodoo Doughnut

This week, we finally went to the infamous Voodoo Doughnut! We weren't sure what to expect, but we definitely weren't disappointed.  Caden was so excited to go get a doughnut (even though I don't think he had ever had one?!).  I asked him if he wanted the doughnut with sprinkles and he said, "No! Candy!" So, needless to say, he chose the doughnut covered in miniature M&M's; he's usually not allowed to have candy so that made his day!

I had the best doughnut I have ever had.  It was a chocolate covered doughnut with Chex, pretzels, drizzled with peanut butter, and sprinkled with powdered sugar.  I don't even want to know how many calories it had--it was my breakfast and lunch! We definitely won't be going there often, but it would be a fun place to go during the school year when we have the occasional Monday off as a family.

(Not photographed:  Colby had a maple covered doughnut filled with Bavarian cream which he also loved.)

Photo Friday: A Few Days Late

I am "behind" on blogging.  Colby was off for two weeks and we enjoyed our time as a family.  I haven't been taking many photos lately; my two-year-old keeps me busy from sunrise to sunset.  These two photos were taken a couple of weeks ago at a high school track near us.  I am extremely disappointed with how these photos turned out.  I saw these cleats hanging from the telephone line at the beginning of summer and have wanted to take photos of them ever since.  Overall, I think these photos are boring.  They definitely aren't what I had envisioned.  Thus far, I haven't decided whether or not I will re-shoot them or let them be.  As always, critiques are welcomed and encouraged.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

My Happy List #1


Each weekend, Mamarazzi posts a blog entitled, "Happy List," where she journals about what she is thankful for and encourages other bloggers to do the same.  I would like to begin participating in this activity because I believe it is so important for us to focus on the positive, instead of the negative.  This week, I am thankful for the following:

1) I am blessed to be the mommy of a happy (most of the time), healthy, and handsome two-year-old!

2) Colby and I celebrated our 3rd year wedding anniversary!

3) I am so thankful for family who watched Caden and Sasha for us so we could go on a kid-free and pet-free anniversary trip.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Photo Friday: Black and White

 A friend asked me to take some black and white photos for her while I was at the coast.  I don't know why, but for me it's difficult to intentionally take black and white photos.  When I'm editing, I can tell whether a photo looks better in color or black and white, but it seems to be more difficult for me to see that while shooting.  Hopefully, I took a few photos that she can use.  If not, I should be heading back to the coast at least one more time before school is in session.  As always, critiques are welcomed and encouraged.

I actually like this photo better in color, but I think it works in black and white also.  What really draws me to this photo is the texture of the driftwood and sand.  I also like the angle of the driftwood.

Mamarazzi's Game Swap: Christmas in July!

Game Swap Button

This month, I participated in my first ever blog swap hosted by Mamarazzi.  I had a blast
creating a package for Kellyn ( and her family; I hope they enjoy their package.

Kellyn sent my family a fun and thoughtful package.  Thank you Kellyn and family! Our package included the following: 

1) Pass the Popcorn (This looks like a fun game, but I will definitely have to study before playing it with my hubby though because he is definitely the movie buff in our household.)
2) Popcorn (My hubby opened it before I had a chance to take a photo of it; thank goodness for tape!)
3) Memory (I have been wanting to buy this game for Caden; I can't wait to teach him how to play it!)
4) Goldfish (One of Caden's favorite snacks!)

Participating in Mamarazzi's Game Swap was definitely fun; I can't wait for the next swap!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Look Who's "2"!

Today, we had both of our families over to celebrate Caden's 2nd birthday.  It was a busy but fun day.  Caden enjoyed visiting with family, opening and playing with presents, and of course eating cake frosting.  Caden is so lucky and blessed to have so many family members who love and adore him.

(Photos courtesy of my brother.)