Sunday, July 31, 2011

37 Weeks. . .The Countdown Begins!

Tomorrow, I will be 37 weeks preggos. . .um, I delivered Caden at 37 weeks.  I am a "planner" and it is driving me cRaZy not knowing when Carter will arrive.  Will he arrive this week, next week, or closer to his due date?! I am measuring 39+ weeks, so this makes me think we could be meeting him VERY soon! I am just starting to feel uncomfortable and I remember delivering Caden not too long after I started feeling uncomfortable, but who knows. . .babies have minds of their own!

Yes, we are sure there is only "one". . .hopefully, anyway!

Three-Year-Old Well Check

Unfortunately, Caden had to go to his three-year-old well check on his birthday.  There was not another available appointment until September and this little man needed to get his vaccinations in order to attend pre-school this fall.  His nurse said he was the most cooperative three-year-old that she has ever seen.  

Then, Caden decided to put on quite the show for the doctor. . .

We had to find a new doctor for Caden because his doctor is on leave, so this was the first time meeting his new doctor.  When she came in the room, he decided to crawl on the floor and make animal noises.  She asked us if he "had a few words." If you know Caden, he has quite the vocabulary for a three-year-old.  We were so embarrassed! He decided to finally talk to her when she gave him a new dinosaur book.  She was surprised by how well he really does speak. 

I'm sure we'll have plenty of opportunities to embarrass him during his teenage years. . .


39 1/4 inches tall (90th percentile)
38.8 pounds (95th percentile)

"I want to wear my hat like this!"

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Lions and Tigers and Bears! Oh my!

We met Aunt Jenny, Uncle Matt, and Miss Juliet at the Portland Zoo yesterday (the last day Caden could get in for free because today he is "3"!).  Caden absolutely loved the zoo.  His favorite "real" animal seemed to be the otter--he squealed every time the otter swam by him.  If you ask him though, he will tell you that the dinosaurs were his favorite.  We're glad that we paid the extra admission for him to see the dinosaur exhibit; he can't stop talking about the dinosaurs!

Juliet seemed to enjoy her first zoo trip as well.  She is a very good baby and was so good all day.  Her favorite animal was the ocelot (top right photo); she kept leaning forward to watch him.  Unlike Caden, the dinosaurs made her a little nervous! Caden enjoyed spending time with Juliet.  She is really starting to watch him and even tried to give him a hug--it was so cute! We are sure going to miss them when they move!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Caden Turns "Free"!

Caden has been telling everyone that he will be "free" on July 20th.  We celebrated his 3rd birthday today with family and friends.  He is definitely not a baby anymore.  He didn't even need me to help him open his presents this year; he ripped through them like a pro.  We are so grateful for our family and friends who celebrated his birthday with us--Caden is sure one well loved little man!

Happy 3rd Birthday Caden Cree!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Last Fourth of July as a Family of Three

This was our last Fourth of July as a family of three.  Carter will be joining our family in six short weeks. . .or less (as of now, he's measuring two weeks ahead).  We had a fun-filled day:  we had lunch and dinner with Colby's family, set off a few of our own fireworks, and ended the day by watching PK Park and Alton Baker Park's firework displays from our favorite little park just around the corner.

Since Caden was so traumatized by fireworks last year, we didn't buy any new fireworks this year; we just set off the fireworks that we weren't able to set off last year.  If we would have known how much Caden was going to love watching fireworks this year, we would have bought him some more.  Colby said that next year, I'll probably be in the house with Carter while him and Caden are in the driveway setting off "scary (f)ireworks." He's probably right--if Carter is anything like his older brother.

July 4th, 2011