Saturday, June 30, 2012

Polar Bear Poop, Elephant Pee, and a Stingy Bat

My Grandma, who lives in California, had to attend a conference in Washington, so we decided to meet her at the Oregon Zoo.  Since Caden has been born, we have taken him to the zoo every summer.  It is interesting to see how his interests change as he grows older.  This trip, he was interested in "reading" all of the "books" (informational signs) about the animals.  If you ask him about his zoo trip, he will most likely tell you about the polar bear pooping, the elephant peeing, and the bat not sharing his broccoli.

When we went to the zoo last year, it was three weeks before I delivered Carter, so this was his first real trip to the zoo.  He called all of the animals "dog dogs" and enjoyed playing in the grass with Caden during the bird show.  It was a long day for the boys, but they were both excellent.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Watch Out World!

I took ten steps! TEN! And. . .I can climb up onto the couch pretty easily.  I am making sure Mommy doesn't get bored this summer!

Update:  On June 25th, 2012, I took 16 steps. . .I am determined!

10 1/2 months old

Monday, June 18, 2012

Inspired by Pinterest: End of the Year Gifts

We feel very blessed that Caden had the teacher he did this year.  She loves her students and they love her.  This is the end of the year gift I made her inspired by Pinterest.  It was easy and affordable to make, just more time consuming than I initially thought.

Caden also gave his friends Reese's graduation caps I designed for my students (my amazing aides assembled them for me).  I actually came up with the idea by myself.  When one of my aides told me that there were already Reese's graduation caps on Pinterest, I was crushed : ). After looking at the ideas I saw on Pinterest, I went with my original idea because it was more practical and affordable (I had over 60 seniors this year). A few of my students told me that they were "Pinterest worthy" : ).

Preschool Vacation

This boy. . .

"graduated" from his first year of preschool! This is what his teacher had to say about him. . .

We could not be prouder of him! He attended his last day in style. . .wearing his pajamas and Optimus Prime helmet.

According to him, he is now on "preschool vacation"!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Our Carty

has four teeth*eats everything
loves to copy sounds*Caden can get him to make many different sounds
now says, "Mom" (not Mama!), "Na" (Nana), "na" (banana), "no," "don't," "ca ca" (clap clap), "key key" (kitty kitty), "yum," "num," "duck duck," "cacker" (cracker), "step step," "down,"
 "hi-ya" (you know. . .like the Karate chop!),
and something that sounds like "I love you."
waves*claps with closed fists and says "ca ca" (clap clap)
has a little temper*can throw a little fit
gets especially mad when Caden (or anyone) takes something from him,
but especially Caden. . .
however, no one can make him laugh like Caden
touches things he's not supposed to and shakes his head "no" (e.g. laptop, t.v., etc.)
shakes his head "yes"
stands for a long time on his own*takes two confident steps away from furniture
is so happy Mom is home for the summer!

Someone is going to be walking soon; on 6/20/12, he took six steps!