Monday, June 20, 2011

Beach Day!

Yesterday, we had a busy but fun day celebrating Father's Day and Colby's birthday.  Today, we decided to head over to Florence for the day.  I was concerned because it was sprinkling on the way to coast, but once we arrived, it was one of the most beautiful days I have seen at the beach in a long time.  We didn't even need our sweatshirts!

Caden is getting so easy to take places.  He loved digging in the sand, finding "treasures," and running from the waves.  Here are a few photos from our fun day:

Two Months to Go. . .Maybe Less?

I forgot to have Colby take a seven month photo, so here I am just under eight months preggos (31 weeks).  Something tells me that Baby Carter is going to make his appearance before August 23rd. . .I sure hope so anyway!

Whoa belly!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

"I'm a Big Kid Now!"

This boy is potty trained!

We didn't waste any time; we started potty training the first day of summer break.  We tried potty training last summer, but Caden wasn't ready so we decided to wait until he was closer to three.  He has been completely dry for two days now--we are so proud of him!

Our handsome little man!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

"2" or "22"?!

Sometimes I wonder how hold Caden thinks he is. . .

Lately, we've heard. . .

"Mom, don't follow me!" "Caden says 'yes'!" "I told you so!" "Get out of my room!" "Don't talk to me!" "Leave me alone!" "Shhhhh!" "That's ridiculous!" "Do you understand me?!" "Are you crazy?!" "What the heck?!" "I'm not talking to you anymore!" "Don't be so cross!" "Are you serious?! I'm not gonna do anymore tricks!"

"I've got a question." (Sometimes followed by a question, but usually not.) "I have a good idea." "Let me tell you about it." "It's got to be somewhere around here!" "That's weird!" "You can come with me if you want." "What can I do for you, Mom?" "Oh, my!" "Oh, man!" "Oh, baby!" "I'll be right back." (At the farm and the coast. . .where does he think he's going by himself already?!) "Holy moley, guacamole!" "Those colors are brilliant!" "Delicious!" "That bird is squawking!" 

He has been preparing us for having two kids. . .

"Mama, Sasha's (his dog) watching me (eat)!" "Sasha, Mama doesn't listen to me!" "I don't want Sasha to play with me anymore.  She breaks everything!"

Some of my favorite "conversations". . .

Mama:  "Whatcha doin', Caden?"
Caden:  "Nuffin'!"

Caden:  "Here, Mom. This (plastic pancake) will make you feel better."
Mama:  "Thank you, Caden."
Caden:  "You need to go to the doctor.  Daddy will stay here and watch me."

Caden: "Come on, Mama.  You can do it!" (While watching me at 7 1/2 months preggos try to roll out of bed.)

Grandma: "Is Mommy tired?"
Caden: "No, Mommy's big!"

Caden: "Mom, come lay on the floor with me."
Mama:  "Caden, Mama can't lay on the floor anymore."
Caden:  "Yes you can.  Just try!"

And my favorite from today. . .

Caden:  "What a shame!"
Mama:  "What's a shame?"
Caden:  "My sheep went in my pee pee!" (After dropping his Fisher Price sheep in his potty chair. . .)

Talking to Nan, "Okay, okay, goodbye!"

Friday, June 10, 2011

Summer Scrapes

Scraped knees
Snoopy Band-Aids
Summer must be here

Caden's first scraped knees

He spent the remainder of the evening on the couch recuperating!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

"School's out for the summer. . ."!

I am so excited--Summer Break began today! I have a new appreciation for women who work up until they deliver. This mama is tired! I am 7 1/2 months preggos and ready for a break! (I will have Colby take a seven month photo this weekend--Baby Carter is getting huge!)

Yesterday, Caden asked me, "Mom, today was a hot day. Can you buy me a pool tomorrow?"

Since we are spending the first week (or two) of Summer Break at home potty training, Caden got his wish.  Today, he spent most of the day playing in his new pool. (He even asked to get out of the pool to use the potty!)

Caden and his new beach ball

Watch out. . .he will squirt you with the hose!

Lovin' his new pool!