Thursday, February 28, 2013

A Dandelion Bouquet

I am positive God did not have moms of boys in mind when creating Oregon's climate. If there is a hint of sun, we bundle up and play outside. Last weekend, Caden brought me a dandelion bouquet--my favorite flower since becoming a mom.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Our Lil' Fire Kid

 4 1/2
loves preschool*cannot wait for kindergarten
loves to learn
can count over 100
beginning to read words*beginning to spell
his writing is improving constantly
has an incredible imagination*has created an entire "world" (he is Fire Kid)
still all boy
loves to wrestle with dad
stays away from all things "princess"
plays with Ninja Turtles and mom's iPad (he thinks it's his)
watches out for Carty
does not like it when Carty "annoys" him
the best big brother
so loved.

Our Lil' Lorax

too many words to count*many two word phrases
loves to sing*loves to dance
starting to do small chores
garbage in the garbage can*dishes in the sink*laundry in the hamper
imitates Caden constantly
has a few obsessions
turning lights on and off*washing hands (playing in water)
and watching "Lack" (The Lorax)
rolls eyes*throws little fits

Thursday, February 21, 2013

A Sign Addiction

A friend recently introduced me to Made with Love by Christie's signs. I have bought three signs from Christie and have been impressed with the quality, affordability, and customer service. You can browse her pre-made signs at Downtown Shabby in Albany or contact her for a custom order.

I love this sign she made for our entry way:

My mother and father-in-law like the sign she made for them for Christmas (they raise chickens):

This is my favorite sign she has made for me. I saw a sign similar to this on Pinterest and she made this one for my son's teacher who just had a baby girl:

This sign is on my wishlist, but I want her to add "Your" or "His" before "Love". . .I cannot decide. What do you think?

And, if signs are not your thing, she creates other items as well. 

(All photographs property of Made with Love by Christie)

Saturday, February 2, 2013

A Pinterest Success

While browsing a little website called Pinterest, I found the following pin:

I have had some Pinterest successes and many Pinterest fails, so I was not confident that our eggs would magically turn into McMuffin eggs.

Baking our eggs in a muffin tin worked perfectly. I may never buy another Egg McMuffin again (even though my last Egg McMuffin came with a perfect heart yolk). Nutritional information and cost savings can be found on the above pin.

(I followed the easy instructions on 71 Toes to add my new watermark.)