Friday, June 25, 2010

From the Mouth of an Almost Two-Year-Old

When I went to get Caden out of his crib this morning, this is what I walked into. . .

Caden:  "Eww, sick!" (Showing me his dirty fingers.)

Mommy:  "Why did you stick your hand in your dirty diaper?"

Caden:  "I didn't know!"

Photo Friday: Stop by next week for two photos!

When we came home from our eventful family photo session, I dropped my laptop and cracked the screen.  It wasn't just a little crack either; I couldn't make out anything on the screen.  I am hoping to get my laptop back early next week, but until then I'm taking a break from Photo Friday.

If you live in Eugene, I definitely recommend Cascade Computer Maintenance ( for computer repairs.  They not only charge much less than the "Geek Squad," but they fix and get your computer back to you much sooner also.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Third Annual Family Photo Session

Ever since Caden was born, it has been extremely important to me that we have family photographs taken every year.  Yesterday, we had our 3rd annual family photographs taken by our friend and photographer, Jeremy Mabe (  Our family photo session turned out to be more eventful than any of us had planned for:  Jeremy's leg slipped through a slat on the bridge, the bridge was higher up than I expected and it made me EXTREMELY nervous to have a two-year-old who wanted "down" on it (not to mention I'm deathly afraid of heights. . .), a bee got stuck in my hair and it took awhile to get it out, and Colby also was chased by a yellow jacket.  Despite our eventful day, Jeremy still managed to capture some beautiful family photographs.  Below is my favorite photo from the photo session.  I will post more later.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Friday, June 18, 2010

Mommy and Son Outings: Bounce

Today, Caden and I met one of his friends at Bounce (  Believe it or not, I didn't take any photos; I was too busy chasing an almost two-year-old boy from trampoline to trampoline.  Overall, I think Bounce is a great place to take kiddos to wear off some energy.  I would recommend it to anyone who lives in the Eugene area.

Obviously not a photo taken at Bounce because I didn't take any, but I hate to post a Blog entry without a photo, so here you go. . .

I don't know why, but I like this photo. (Caden is actually spying on the neighbors--it's his new hobby!)

Photo Friday: Skinner's Butte

For Photo Friday, it is difficult for me to not always post photos of Caden.  Not only is he my favorite subject, but when I am home, he is attached to me.  The other night, after Caden went to bed, I looked out the window and the sky looked amazing so I drove up to Skinner's Butte to take a photo.  I have never really experimented with night photography so this is my first attempt.  I am not overly excited about this photo, but hopefully I will have more chances to experiment with night photography this summer.  As always, critiques are welcomed and encouraged.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Moments to Treasure for a Lifetime: Post #1

As I watch Caden grow, I have been thinking about the things I will miss when he is older.  Last night and tonight he fell asleep in my arms, which is extremely unusual for him (I guess my summer plan of wearing him out is working).  As I was holding him, it saddened me that someday he is going to be too big to hold in my arms.  These are moments I never want to forget.

Garage Sale Finds: Part Two

While garage saling a couple of weekends ago, I was going to buy two records for my hubby; he uses them for sampling.  When I asked the man how much two records was going to cost he said, "Ten cents." I said, "Ten cents?!" He said, "Well, I'm selling the whole crate for $1.00, so ten cents sounds good." Needless to say, I bought the whole crate for $1.00.

(Caden+easel) + (Hubby+a whole new crate of records) = Me sitting on the porch reading a book and sipping tea. . .if only it were that easy : ).  However, I have already read one book this summer and I have been off for less than a week.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Through Mommy's Eyes: Letter #2

Dear Caden,

Where has the time gone baby boy?! You are going to be "2" in less than two months! However, you have been acting "2" since around 18-months-old.  You are becoming extremely independent and the world is good as long as things are going your way.  Yesterday, I took you to the library for the first time and you LOVED it.  The librarian asked if you were almost "3".  When I told him you were almost "2," he was impressed with your vocabulary.  He was also impressed that he could understand almost everything you said.  There is NOTHING you can't say baby boy; you copy EVERYTHING we say (good or bad).

Not only can you say anything, you are learning so many new things.  You know all of your colors and recognize many letters and numbers.  We are still working on the "Alphabet Song," but you know chunks of it.  You love to sing and dance and are also learning many other songs.  It is so cute to hear you sing; you have such a sweet little voice.  As far as numbers go, you consistently count to "3," but sometimes you count to "8"--you will be able to count to ten in no time. . .you are so determined.

You are extremely interested in using the potty.  We might try potty training you this summer.  You want to use the potty so badly, but I'm not sure your body is ready yet.  You want nothing to do with the little frog potty that I bought you.  We had to buy a potty ring so you could sit on the big potty; you are so independent--you always know what you want! At this point, I think potty training you is going to be easier than taking away your "fafa (pacifier)." You take not only one fafa to bed, but two. . .you've been asking for "another one," but it's hard enough to find two, so we've drawn the line at two.  In fact, at bedtime, you have to have "2" of everything:  two fafas, two "kikis (blankets)," two books, two kisses, etc. Like I said before, you know what you want and aren't afraid to demand ask for it.

Well, baby boy, I could talk about you forever, but I need to get some work done around the house while you're sleeping (you keep us a LITTLE busy while you're awake).  Last Friday was my last day of work for the school year and I'm so excited to spend the summer with you--I miss you so much during the school year! Daddy and I love you VERY much and can't wait to celebrate your 2nd birthday with you!

Love always,


P.S. You have such a sense of humor.  The other day, I caught you putting "horns" on your head with sidewalk chalk and cracking up at yourself while looking at your reflection in the window--I hope you will always be able to laugh at yourself! 

Friday, June 11, 2010

Garage Sale Finds

Every year, there are two big neighborhood garage sales that I usually attend.  I missed the first garage sale because I was on a photography field trip, but was able to make it to the other garage sale last weekend.  I didn't find a lot, but this might possibly be the best $7.00 I ever spent.  It is a Crayola easel for Caden (regularly $35.00-$45.00).  One side is for chalk and the other side is for dry erase markers; both sides are magnetic and have a place to hang paper for drawing and painting.  Our little artist LOVES it.  He has been on the porch for a week perfecting his chalk murals and paintings.  I think this may keep him busy all summer!

More garage sale finds to come!

Photo Friday: Reflection

Lately, Caden has been obsessed with looking for "water skippers" and fish in mud puddles.  I don't think they're actually water skippers, but please don't tell him otherwise--it keeps him busy!

As always, critiques are welcomed and encouraged.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Summer To-Do List

1. Read my Bible EVERY day. 
2. Enjoy my family. 
3. Find creative ways to entertain my almost two-year-old.  
4. Jog at least three times per week, preferably more. 
5. Complete and send off my first three photography units.   
6. Read at least five books, preferably more. 
7. Plan "someone's" 2nd "Melmo (Elmo)" birthday party
8. Scrub and organize our home from top to bottom. . .EVERY nook and cranny.
9. Work on our financial plan.
10. Complete a couple of incomplete craft projects. 
11. Rest, relax, and recuperate.
12. And, shall I dare say it? Potty training!