Saturday, June 30, 2012

Polar Bear Poop, Elephant Pee, and a Stingy Bat

My Grandma, who lives in California, had to attend a conference in Washington, so we decided to meet her at the Oregon Zoo.  Since Caden has been born, we have taken him to the zoo every summer.  It is interesting to see how his interests change as he grows older.  This trip, he was interested in "reading" all of the "books" (informational signs) about the animals.  If you ask him about his zoo trip, he will most likely tell you about the polar bear pooping, the elephant peeing, and the bat not sharing his broccoli.

When we went to the zoo last year, it was three weeks before I delivered Carter, so this was his first real trip to the zoo.  He called all of the animals "dog dogs" and enjoyed playing in the grass with Caden during the bird show.  It was a long day for the boys, but they were both excellent.

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