Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Look Who's "1"!

Dear Carter,

One of my friends said he was not sure if he wanted to have another baby because he could not imagine loving him/her as much as he loves his firstborn daughter.  Well, you do not have to worry little man.  We love you just as much as we love Caden.  We love you for being "you." You are only "1," but you definitely have your own little (or should I say big) personality. At times, you can be challenging, but you have absolutely stolen our hearts. We love you so much and are having fun watching you grow and learn new things.  We had so much fun celebrating your first birthday with you and are looking forward to celebrating many more.

We love you, Carty!


Mommy, Daddy, & Caden

P.S. So I do not forget. . .you are 29 1/2 inches tall (55th percentile) & 24.8 pounds (75th percentile).

Photos by Jeremy Mabe

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