Sunday, January 13, 2013

Life Written Down Lives On

I thought I was going to begin 2013 with a new blog; Blogger would not let me upload anymore photos because it said I had exhausted my photo storage--how could I have a blog without photos?! Luckily, while mentioning this to a friend, she told me that I could upload photos to my blog if I uploaded them to Photobucket first. It worked--Life Written Down survived 2012!

Christmas Break came and went. We had a busy but fun Christmas Break as a family. My favorite part of Christmas this year was watching the cousins play together.
Carter & Brody keeping an eye on the neighbors

The cousins playing a serious game of Chinese checkers

Caden & Juliet cuddling


  1. I am glad that Photobucket worked for you.

  2. I had the same issue several years ago. Photobucket is a lifesaver! Another good hosting site is Droplr. Both of these also have apps for smartphones... FYI. ;-)