Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Third Annual Family Photo Session

Ever since Caden was born, it has been extremely important to me that we have family photographs taken every year.  Yesterday, we had our 3rd annual family photographs taken by our friend and photographer, Jeremy Mabe (http://jeremymabephotography.com/home).  Our family photo session turned out to be more eventful than any of us had planned for:  Jeremy's leg slipped through a slat on the bridge, the bridge was higher up than I expected and it made me EXTREMELY nervous to have a two-year-old who wanted "down" on it (not to mention I'm deathly afraid of heights. . .), a bee got stuck in my hair and it took awhile to get it out, and Colby also was chased by a yellow jacket.  Despite our eventful day, Jeremy still managed to capture some beautiful family photographs.  Below is my favorite photo from the photo session.  I will post more later.