Monday, October 18, 2010

Through Mommy's Eyes: Letter #4

Dear Caden,

You turned "2" this summer and are growing up so fast.  You are throwing less tantrums, which makes Daddy and Mommy extremely happy.  Most tantrums revolve around us doing something for you that you want to do yourself--you are very independent.  Here are a few things that I want to remember about you at this age:

1. You are just under 36 inches tall (95th percentile) and weigh 35 pounds (75th percentile).

2. You are no longer wanting to take naps.  Daddy and Mommy are not happy about this; you wear us out!

3. I love that you still call blankets "kikis."

4. You know all of your letters.

5. You know all of the basic shapes and more advanced shapes such as trapezoids, octagons, arcs, etc. (The librarian gave you a book about shapes and you learned them all in less than two days!)

6. Most of the time, it is extremely easy to understand you.  You are putting new sentences together every day.

7. You LOVE your new dinosaur rain boots and want to wear them all of the time.  I will take a photo of you wearing them soon.

8. You LOVE dinosaurs.  You read dinosaur books, play dinosaur games, etc.

9. You roll your eyes at us! (We have to try so hard not to laugh because it is SO funny!)

10. You tell Daddy and Mommy every day, "I love you!"

We are enjoying watching you grow.  You are learning so many new things.  Currently, we are working on your first 25 sight words.  You will have them memorized in no time.  I wish I had your energy; it is so hard to keep up with you!

You are so loved.



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