Sunday, January 30, 2011

Before I Forget. . .

Caden says. . .

1) "What's for dinner, Darlin'?"

2) "What's the matter, Hon?"

3) "Mom, what are you doing in Caden's room?"

4) "Mom, don't be ridiculous!" 

5) Mommy:  "Caden, you need to put the shampoo in the bathroom."
     Caden:  "O-k-a-y, Mom.  Be patient!"

6) Mommy:  "Caden, I brought you a surprise!"
     Caden:  "Oh, Mom! That was very sweet!"

7) Mommy:  "Caden, don't touch Mommy's laptop."
     Caden:  "I said you need to share, Mom!"

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