Friday, January 28, 2011

Preschool from Hell

Tonight, I decided to start researching preschools in our area.  This was the first preschool review I read. . .no joke! (Naughty words were edited. . .)

"Take your kids somewhere else. This place is HELL for kids. These kids scream like f*%#$*! maniacs. It's like they're being severely beaten and scream EVERY day from morning to evening to make it stop. But it never stops. Think of yourself in this environment each day of your life. Not pleasant, you say? Is this a place your child would feel safe? Save your kid the trauma, try a day care that looks after your child rather than introduce your child to a filthy dog kennel to scream with the rest of the mutts. What the f@$% else do they do with their day? I can't imagine any learning or healthy play is happening with the voice boxes of these children diddling away. I live two blocks away and ACROSS C. Rd. (a very busy and loud street) and I still hear those hyenas loud and clear. This is not a healthy environment. If you don't want maniacs for kids, DO NOT TAKE THEM TO THE (apparently the preschool from hell. . .)."

I guess I will keep looking. . .

Mommy's Ham!

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