Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Lions and Tigers and Bears! Oh my!

We met Aunt Jenny, Uncle Matt, and Miss Juliet at the Portland Zoo yesterday (the last day Caden could get in for free because today he is "3"!).  Caden absolutely loved the zoo.  His favorite "real" animal seemed to be the otter--he squealed every time the otter swam by him.  If you ask him though, he will tell you that the dinosaurs were his favorite.  We're glad that we paid the extra admission for him to see the dinosaur exhibit; he can't stop talking about the dinosaurs!

Juliet seemed to enjoy her first zoo trip as well.  She is a very good baby and was so good all day.  Her favorite animal was the ocelot (top right photo); she kept leaning forward to watch him.  Unlike Caden, the dinosaurs made her a little nervous! Caden enjoyed spending time with Juliet.  She is really starting to watch him and even tried to give him a hug--it was so cute! We are sure going to miss them when they move!

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