Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Last Fourth of July as a Family of Three

This was our last Fourth of July as a family of three.  Carter will be joining our family in six short weeks. . .or less (as of now, he's measuring two weeks ahead).  We had a fun-filled day:  we had lunch and dinner with Colby's family, set off a few of our own fireworks, and ended the day by watching PK Park and Alton Baker Park's firework displays from our favorite little park just around the corner.

Since Caden was so traumatized by fireworks last year, we didn't buy any new fireworks this year; we just set off the fireworks that we weren't able to set off last year.  If we would have known how much Caden was going to love watching fireworks this year, we would have bought him some more.  Colby said that next year, I'll probably be in the house with Carter while him and Caden are in the driveway setting off "scary (f)ireworks." He's probably right--if Carter is anything like his older brother.

July 4th, 2011

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