Friday, November 11, 2011

"My Best Friend"

My favorite thing about having two kids is watching them interact.  Caden does not even have to say or do anything and Carter smiles and giggles every time he sees him.  Caden absolutely loves Carter and feels it is his job to show him the world.  Carter just turned three-months-old and Caden already calls him "my best friend." Here are some of the things they enjoy doing together:

Carter likes to listen to stories, especially when they are read by Caden.  (Caden  loves to memorize books.)

Caden is teaching Carter how to use scissors.  Carter listens to everything Caden has to say.

Caden is teaching Carter how to use a laptop.  Carter is extremely interested.

Carter prefers to spend his "tummy time" watching Caden play.  Caden has been teaching him how to play trains and build with Legos.

Caden and Carter have gone through the Toys R Us toy catalog several times together.

Carter is learning so many new things; Caden is also teaching him how to write the alphabet.

Carter is learning the benefits of having an older brother.   Caden was excited to tell me, "Mom, Carter  loves my Tootsie Pop!"

Carter is also learning how to play Angry Birds.

Caden prefers to play his Fishing Game with Carter because Carter can't win yet.

Carter loves to snuggle with Caden while Caden watches his morning cartoons.

Caden loves it when Carter helps tuck him in at night; Carter is learning to love it : ).
I am so proud of Caden.  Carter needs a lot most of our attention right now, but Caden adores him and wants him to always be happy.  It is so much fun watching our boys become best friends.


  1. These boys are too cute! And I miss being your aid too! I'll have to come in and help you one of these days that I don't have class. :)


  2. Danielle, I would love to see you. What have you been up to?