Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Three-Year-Old's Interpretation of "Noah's Ark"

This boy is growing up way too quickly.  I have not written a post about the things he can do lately.  I think the main reason is because it would be easier to write a post about the things he can not do--just ask him!  In fact, when we try to do something for him, he says, "I can do it myself.  Did you forget?!" This boy is a sponge; he picks up language, songs, and stories so easily.  This week, at preschool, he learned about "Noah's Ark."  His version goes something like this:

"There were people.  And they loved money.  They didn't love God.  That's not good! Noah built an ark.  An ark is a big boat.  The animals got on the ark two-by-two.  It rained and rained and rained.  Noah sent out a bird.  It brought back a branch.  There was a rainbow.  And Noah had a promise for the people.  He promised he would never flood the 'erf' (earth) again."

You try to tell him that God had a promise for the people and not Noah! He knows EVERYTHING! 

Patiently waiting for Nana & Papa

Or. . .maybe he just takes after his "Uncka"; his Uncka's version of "Noah's Ark" includes dinosaurs.


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