Thursday, April 19, 2012

Jesus and His Amazing Super Powers

We had another busy but fun Easter.  The boys went on three Easter egg hunts. . .yes, THREE! They started with an Easter egg hunt at our house.  The Easter Bunny left Caden a note that told him that the yellow eggs were for Carter, but he could have the rest. . .the first egg Carter found was purple.  Caden quickly reminded him that his color was yellow! 

After they found all of the eggs at our house, they visited with cousin Brody, ate Easter dinner, and went on an Easter egg hunt at my parents' house.  Before the day was over, they ate dessert and went on one last Easter egg hunt at Colby's aunt's with Grandma Odie.  They found all 28 eggs!

Even though much of our Easter was spent hunting for eggs, Caden is beginning to understand the true meaning of Easter.  If you ask him, he will tell you something like this:

"The soldiers killed Jesus.  And he died! That was not good! The soldiers put him in a tomb.  When the lady came to the tomb, the rock was rolled away and it was empty.  Jesus has amazing super powers!"

Got to love Jesus and his amazing super powers!

Carter (eight-months-old), Caden (3 1/2)

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