Thursday, October 11, 2012

Humbled, Again!

Caden's preschool sometimes posts funny quotes from preschoolers on its Facebook page. This week's post was about a four-year-old boy who was staring off into space. When the teacher asked him if he was okay and asked him what he was thinking about, the little boy replied, "I was just thinking. It's been weeks since I have gotten a good night's sleep." My first thought was, "Oh, no! That's the boy who is going to sleep his way through high school."

Later that night, while tucking Caden in, he told Colby and me that he fell asleep on the snack table at school and his friend had to wake him up. Immediately, I started cracking up because I had a gut feeling that it was my son who told the teacher that he has not had a good night's sleep in weeks. After a quick e-mail, I found out that it was my son's quote.

It is my son--the teacher's son--who is going to be sleeping his way through high school. . .

This is not the first time I have been humbled as a parent. . .and I'm sure it will not be my last. Unfortunately, I can't seem to get much sympathy from my own mom!

Our Little Preschooler

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