Saturday, February 2, 2013

A Pinterest Success

While browsing a little website called Pinterest, I found the following pin:

I have had some Pinterest successes and many Pinterest fails, so I was not confident that our eggs would magically turn into McMuffin eggs.

Baking our eggs in a muffin tin worked perfectly. I may never buy another Egg McMuffin again (even though my last Egg McMuffin came with a perfect heart yolk). Nutritional information and cost savings can be found on the above pin.

(I followed the easy instructions on 71 Toes to add my new watermark.)


  1. Cool. Jill found a way to do this in the microwave, but I told her I don't eat meat cooked in the microwave, which upset her. She periodically does it for herself. This looks a whole lot safer (and tastier) than our option.
    Thanks. You should've toured the country with your Egg-McMuffin miracle, you might have earned a few dollars doing that. : )

  2. Colby is anti-microwave as well (except when it comes to heating up coffee. . .). You should surprise her--they are delicious! If only it was my idea ;).