Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Day

We celebrated another busy but fun Easter with both sides of our family. The boys enjoyed going on three Easter egg hunts--they have quite the loot. Each year, Caden is beginning to understand The Easter Story a little more. He can actually explain most of it. . .when he wants to. We are so thankful for God's grace--it is so exciting to see our boys begin to learn about the real meaning of Easter.

I love this photo. Imperfect but perfect.
Carty loves to swing.
What is this? Where is my chocolate?!
I love chubby baby fingers.
Caden's Avenger eggs.
I smiled, Mom. Now let me find more eggs.
Our Easter Bunny has a sense of humor.


  1. Those are some sharp looking dudes.

    And the color you get out of your camera is amazing. (Maybe it's the juxtaposition against grey tones)...whatever, you know what you are doing.

  2. Thank you, Chris. We think they're pretty handsome, but we are a little biased. I actually reduced the hue/saturation a little bit because their cheeks were a little flushed from running around :).