Saturday, March 16, 2013

Pike Place Market

Last summer, Colby and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary in Seattle and I am just now getting around to editing our photos. I took over 700 photos and did not know where to begin. So, let's begin with Pike Place Market. . .a photographer's dream.


  1. My wife and I love Seattle. We spent our 7th anniversary there. I love these macro lens images. What kind of a camera and setting do you use? I can't get any photos like this since I switched over from film. (okay, I didn't get any this good with film).

  2. Embarrassingly, it was my first trip to Seattle and I LOVED it. Most of these photos were actually taken with a 50mm, not a macro. I have a Canon 60D and set it manually. . .and use Photoshop. . .all that jazz : ). It's kind of an addiction.

  3. Beautiful pictures, Meredith. I love Seattle!