Sunday, November 3, 2013

Fall Photos

Since having kids, fall has become one of my favorite seasons--it passes by way too quickly. Here are a few photos from Dorris Ranch, the pumpkin patch, and Halloween. This was the first Halloween that Carter had an opinion about who he wanted to be. I was disappointed that the boys would not be matching, until I realized they were both going to be "Mike"--Michaelangelo and Mike Wazowski.

Both boys enjoyed trick-or-treating. It was especially fun to watch Carter choose his candy--he examined it carefully before deciding which piece to take.

Playing in the fall leaves at Dorris Ranch.
Carter loved the hay ride.
It is impossible to get a photo of these two together. When I ask them to stand next to each other, it turns into a wrestling match.
Daddy said they had to pick out a pumpkin they could carry themselves.
Examining the pumpkins.
Found one he could carry.
With one hand even!
Excited that he actually got to play with the nunchucks that Uncka bought him (I can't wait until he has kids!).
Mike Wazowski!
He always tells us, "Be back!"
I was trying to take a photo of his "Mike belly," but he just kept showing me his belly.

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