Friday, November 8, 2013

A Small Gift from Above

Lately, during my planning period, light has been seeping into my classroom just perfectly. When this happens, stress lifts and I am able to breathe more deeply. Every time this happens, I can't help but think that it is a small gift from above.


  1. Not only does SHS not have windows, but my classroom is located in the middle. So one day I requested to take my class outside (to our soccer field) to do some naturalistic writing and the AD said, "they aren't going to mess up MY field are they?"
    I replied, "What? We aren't taking shovels outside...we are taking a pen and paper...whadaya think?" I was so annoyed. But the sun was nice...for a day. And I did plug my foot into the ground as an act of defiance.

    1. I think I have one of the best views in the school :). We just went to the S.H.S. vs. Lebanon soccer game and that is one rough field. Now I know why ;).