Friday, March 23, 2012

Photo Friday: "Surrender"

A much needed Spring Break is finally here! Woot! Woot! Let the spring cleaning begin! (I just used four exclamation marks in a row. . .I really must be ready for break!) Besides spring cleaning, I would also like to work on photography.  This week, I did not take very many photos, so I am going to post a photo that I took a couple of years ago when I first started getting back into photography.

This is a photo of my brother's beautiful girlfriend, Hannah.  If I took the photo again, I would change several things about it, but the two things that bother me the most are the lighting and the tangled  curling ribbon on the balloons.  Even though there are several things I would change about this photo if I re-took it, I love her outstretched arms.  To me, it looks like she is reaching out and surrendering to God in worship and prayer.

Please feel free to critique.  Happy Spring Break!


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