Sunday, March 25, 2012

Joshua, Two Fish, and Five Breads

One of the reasons we chose Caden's preschool is because it is a Christian preschool and Bible lessons are embedded in the curriculum.  I love to hear Bible stories told from a three-year-old's perspective.  Not long ago, I shared Caden's version of "Noah's Ark." Today, on the way home from the grocery store, Caden was singing "Go! Go! Joshua!" This is the conversation that followed:

Mom:  "Who is Joshua?"
Caden:  "Joshua has super powers!"
Mom:  "Really? What kind of super powers?"
Caden:  "There were two fish and five breads and not enough food for all the people.  So he got enough food for all of the people."
Mom:  "I think that was Jesus."
Caden:  "No, it was Joshua! God has super powers, too!"

Our ham

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