Sunday, July 11, 2010

Garage Sale Finds: Part Three

I haven't found much at garage sales this summer, but what I have found I have been happy with.  I found a tub to contain all of Caden's outside toys.  I bought it for $4.00 which I thought was a little steep for a garage sale, but it was new and I just saw it at Jerry's for $9.99 so I guess it was a good deal.  It has been nice not to have Caden's toys spread out all over the porch (that is after he goes to bed of course).

When we were garage saling, Caden saw a chicken and kept saying, "Cheeken!" I asked the lady how much she wanted for her "cheeken" and she said 50 cents.  Even though I thought 50 cents was a lot for an outdated chicken decoration, Caden had to have "cheeken." He has been carrying "cheeken" around with him ever since, so I guess it was worth 50 cents.

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