Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Vaccinations: A Mommy's Intuition

Recently, according to the Register Guard (, almost 20,000 of PeaceHealth Medical Group's patients may have been administered vaccinations that were not stored properly.  Caden was one of these patients.  Caden's nurse insisted that we re-vaccinate him.  I expressed my concern about re-vaccinating him to his doctor and he gave us another option; he said we could have Caden's blood drawn to do an antibody titer.  This way, we could see if he actually needed to be re-vaccinated or not.  He admitted that this was not being encouraged because it costs more than just re-vaccinating everyone.  Even though we were told that nothing would happen to Caden if he was re-vaccinated, we chose to have his blood drawn.  It broke our hearts to hold him down so he could have his blood drawn, but we saved him from receiving unnecessary vaccinations; Caden's blood results revealed that he did not need to be re-vaccinated.  Even though PeaceHealth Medical Group claims that nothing will happen from re-vaccinating children, they need to make parents aware of the alternative option considering all of the controversy surrounding vaccinations-even if it will cost them more.  Our children are priceless.

Caden sitting in his new chair that matches Mommy's new sectional!

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